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Air-Spade Landscape Excavation

Got a tough landscaping job in a place that's hard to reach? Does your project require digging near buried lines or pipes? Are you concerned that your construction plans may interfere with your trees' root system? Arbor Master's low impact Air Spade landscape excavation method is the answer!

Utilizing a "supersonic air knife," we safely dig near roots, utility lines and structures without doing the damage associated with heavy equipment. The air compressor that powers both the Air Spade and its vacuum attachment counterpart can go anywhere a regular size pickup truck can reach, plus we have hundreds of feet of extra hose for extreme situations. Not only can we go where no loader can, we are able to do it without compacting the soil on the way in and out. We can also safely excavate closer to a tree's roots or buried utility lines than any loader possibly could because we use air to dig without ever touching what we unearth! If a root system threatens to encroach on a structure or you want to plan your next construction project without damaging your tree's vital roots, Air Spade landscape excavation is the way to go. We excavate along the structure or perimeter of the building site and make surgical cuts in the roots, knowing that when we make proper pruning cuts we can trim up to 25% of the trunk size in root area. After making the appropriate cuts, we install Biobarrier, a product specifically developed to direct root growth away from the established boundary to offer a minimum of 15 years of protection. We can even excavate under roots without cutting them to run new plumbing or drainage lines underneath the root system so they never interfere with each other! To be on the safe side, we also make the Iowa One Call for you so that we know exactly how close such obstacles may be to your proposed project. Our goal is to make landscape excavation easier and safer than its ever been for you.

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A Well-Oiled Machine

You guys are amazing! What a well-oiled machine. All that teamwork and in the rain to boot. That is dedication. Big storm damage mess cleared up in 2 hours. And to think our job was only the first on your list that day. Thanks so much.

Deb, Charles City, IA

The Whole Job Was a Success

The whole job was a success to me, from the removing of the trees, the stumps, filling in with dirt, planting of the new tree, trimming the other tree to the cleanup. You did an amazing job, and in record time. You have a hard working crew.

Dianna, Garner, IA

Taking Immediate Action

Rarely at a loss for words I am struggling to express the depth of my gratitude to Kevin for taking immediate action to safely remove a tree at our house.

Melissa Norris, Clear Lake, IA

Totally Pleased

Totally pleased with your work at our Clear Lake property! Thank you, thank you!

Ann & Mike, Des Moines, IA