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If you notice the color of your trees’ leaves fading to a pale green or yellow hue, they may be suffering from Chlorosis. Often caused by iron and manganese deficiencies, the disease will cause slow growth, leaf loss, and eventually tree death if allowed to progress. Iowa trees most affected by Chlorosis include Maple, Pin Oak and River Birch. Whether the soil has available iron and manganese or not, much of the soil in our area has too high of a ph level for these species of trees to make use of these nutrients. Therefore, Chlorosis is an abiotic condition caused by several factors including poor root zone development, lack of available nutrients and highly alkalidic soil.

We do have treatments for Chlorosis. For severe cases, we offer a multi-tiered response of nutrient injections, ph reducer and growth regulator. If we catch it sooner than later, simple soil injections of fertilizer with iron, manganese and ph reducer can be very effective to prevent Chlorotic symptoms from persisting in the long term

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A Well-Oiled Machine

You guys are amazing! What a well-oiled machine. All that teamwork and in the rain to boot. That is dedication. Big storm damage mess cleared up in 2 hours. And to think our job was only the first on your list that day. Thanks so much.

Deb, Charles City IA

The Whole Job Was a Success

The whole job was a success to me, from the removing of the trees, the stumps, filling in with dirt, planting of the new tree, trimming the other tree to the cleanup. You did an amazing job, and in record time. You have a hard working crew.

Dianna, Garner IA

Will Undoubtedly Look to You Again

I will undoubtedly look to Cutting Edge Tree Services again in the future for additional work with trees around historic preservation.

Sarah, Clear Lake IA

Totally Pleased

Totally pleased with your work at our Clear Lake property! Thank you, thank you!

Ann & Mike, Des Moines IA