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Land Clearing

Cutting Edge Tree Services can complete medium to large scale land clearing operations. Whether you have municipal right-of-ways in need of pre-emptive Ash removals to prepare for the advancement of EAB in Iowa, a commercial property in need of more usable space, or a small plot where you're planning to build a home, we offer competitive rates for large scale mass tree removal. To save your organization or family money we can simply drop and leave the waste for you to process as firewood, an option favored by rural homeowners. Some municipalities choose to leave the stumps of recently removed right-of-way trees because pre-emptive Ash removals are done to eliminate the liability of trees expected to eventually fall to Emerald Ash Borer infestation. By taking down trees that will be hazardous if left untreated to die, communitites can ensure the safety of the citizens. Whatever your land clearing needs, we have the experience and training required to do mass tree removal properly at a fair price.

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A Well-Oiled Machine

You guys are amazing! What a well-oiled machine. All that teamwork and in the rain to boot. That is dedication. Big storm damage mess cleared up in 2 hours. And to think our job was only the first on your list that day. Thanks so much.

Deb, Charles City, IA

The Whole Job Was a Success

The whole job was a success to me, from the removing of the trees, the stumps, filling in with dirt, planting of the new tree, trimming the other tree to the cleanup. You did an amazing job, and in record time. You have a hard working crew.

Dianna, Garner, IA

Taking Immediate Action

Rarely at a loss for words I am struggling to express the depth of my gratitude to Kevin for taking immediate action to safely remove a tree at our house.

Melissa Norris, Clear Lake, IA

Totally Pleased

Totally pleased with your work at our Clear Lake property! Thank you, thank you!

Ann & Mike, Des Moines, IA