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Pruning Classifications

Crown Raising

Crown Raising is trimming to raise clearance of low lying limbs from ground, buildings or utility lines. The needs of the individual may vary, though there are ideal heights for each situation we that we recommend. 6-10 ft of clearance over buildings or structures helps keep appearances sharp while protecting your property from possible damage in a severe weather event. Very heavy limbs growing over buildings have the potential to do the most damage when strong winds and percipitation combine. Clearance over sidewalks and outdoor recreation areas should be 8-10 ft.  Many cities maintain or require 14 ft minimum over streets and right of ways. Finally, 10-12 ft of clearance from any overhead utility line is essential to safety.

Crown Cleaning

Crown Cleaning involves removal of dead, diseased, broken, hanging, and crossed or rubbing limbs. When two limbs cross and begin to rub, the friction frequently kills one or both limbs, so removing one will protect the other. We classify crown cleaning work using a range of 1-4:

  • Class 1: Pruning from the ground with hand pruners and/or hand saws. Class 1 mostly includes shrub maintenance and trimming some low growing ornamental trees.
  • Class 2: Pruning from a step ladder with hand pruners, chainsaw and/or polesaw. Most ornamentals and many shade trees can be trimmed to the customer's satisfaction in Class 2 job.
  • Class 3: Pruning from aerial bucket truck or lift. Class 3 is recommended for proper care of mature trees and can completely cover many of the smaller shade trees and larger ornamental/fruit trees.
  • Class 2-4: Pruning using possible combination of climbing and other methods. Some amount of climbing may need to be utilized depending on the tree.
  • Class 4: Pruning using non-invasive tree climbing equipment and techniques. Our expertly trained tree climbers do not use climbing spikes, so we can trim even your largest and hardest to reach trees safely! For additional safety, the Cutting Edge Tree Services crew is trained in first aid/CPR as well as aerial rescue.

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The Whole Job Was a Success

The whole job was a success to me, from the removing of the trees, the stumps, filling in with dirt, planting of the new tree, trimming the other tree to the cleanup. You did an amazing job, and in record time. You have a hard working crew.

Dianna, Garner IA

Will Undoubtedly Look to You Again

I will undoubtedly look to Cutting Edge Tree Services again in the future for additional work with trees around historic preservation.

Sarah, Clear Lake IA

Totally Pleased

Totally pleased with your work at our Clear Lake property! Thank you, thank you!

Ann & Mike, Des Moines IA

Fantastic Job

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic job you did on my yard. The front tree looks amazing, and the backyard without the trees is a wonderful sight.

Dianna, Garner IA