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Broken Limbs

Broken limbs and "hangers" are also important to cut out of a tree. Whether due to storm damage or a tree's natural process of producing deadwood, we can help ensure the safety and beauty of your greenscape by removing broken limbs still attached to the tree or hanging from another limb. Using proper pruning cuts, we can help decrease the chances of broken, decaying limbs contributing to the spread of decay throughout the tree.

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The Whole Job Was a Success

The whole job was a success to me, from the removing of the trees, the stumps, filling in with dirt, planting of the new tree, trimming the other tree to the cleanup. You did an amazing job, and in record time. You have a hard working crew.

Dianna, Garner IA

Will Undoubtedly Look to You Again

I will undoubtedly look to Cutting Edge Tree Services again in the future for additional work with trees around historic preservation.

Sarah, Clear Lake IA

Totally Pleased

Totally pleased with your work at our Clear Lake property! Thank you, thank you!

Ann & Mike, Des Moines IA

Fantastic Job

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic job you did on my yard. The front tree looks amazing, and the backyard without the trees is a wonderful sight.

Dianna, Garner IA